Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Environmentally Responsible

We have had some questions lately about our packaging and if it is recyclable and BPA free.

When you are adding hot water to a structure designed to function as our package does (as a vessel but also a dispenser) – a recyclable material would just not hold up to the heat, moisture and function. Consider that most of the freeze-dried foods (that you reconstitute in the bag) also are NOT recyclable. Matt Hustedt, the founder and creator of Nature’s Coffee Kettle is an avid outdoorsman and the environmental impact of the packaging was a consideration. Our packaging reminds the user to dispose of the package responsibly. We will be launching REFILLS for the Colombian Coffee the first of the year and refills for our other coffees and teas will follow soon after. This means the kettle package can be used more than once (our packaging recommends no more that 5 times). This will help eliminate waste and be cost effective for the users who will want great coffee again and again. Refills for the soup, hot chocolate and apple cider are not an option because these are food products and the packaging would harbor bacteria after use.

And yes, our packaging is BPA free.

We welcome comments and ideas to make our products and marketing message better so - please - ask!

Time and Success

Time keeps moving and Nature's Coffee Kettle keeps moving toward success. It's been some time since we have posted on our blog but regardless - we have been busy. Here is a time line to get you up to speed on our activities.

August: We had tested two coffee flavors at the Outdoor Retailer Show in August; French Vanilla and Hazelnut. We launched Hazelnut Flavored Coffee just a few weeks later and it is proving to be a top seller. It's really a great flavored coffee!

September: Nature's Coffee Kettle exhibited at the Nation's Best Sports show in Fort Worth Texas. It was a great show for us and many retailers from across the country ordered our great beverages.

October: Our list of retail stores continued to grow. We had some great reviews and one in particular was noteworthy..... www.backpacker.com

November: These last two months of the year are for planning our success for 2011. We are working on packaging for refill packs that will be available the first of the year. We are planning to add a few more industry trade shows to promote our products and of course - reviewing new products to add to the product line.

We hope everyone has a great holiday season - enjoys the great outdoors - and - a great cup of coffee!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Outdoor Retailer Summer Market! We are there!

This is an important week for Nature's Coffee Kettle. We are exhibiting at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. It's an important show for us because buyers from outdoor recreation stores - from the mom/pops to the big guys are here to buy.

This is our second year, but with a larger booth in a better location, we are getting great traffic and the opportunity to present our 7 different flavors to the buyers. If they have never seen the concept, at first they have a puzzled look on the face -- then comes the "aha" expression. Of course, we are offering samples and that really has them hooked.

Be looking for Nature's Coffee Kettle beverages in your local outdoor recreation store. We are sure to be in many. And - if you can't find us there, ask them to carry our great products OR you can order online from our online store. Either way, you will LOVE the convenience, lightweight packaging and a great cup of your favorite beverage.